Calling All Opera Singers!

Looking for paid performing experience? Ever wonder what kids think of opera?

ROKCincy is a non-profit that brings opera performances to schools and community centers all over Greater Cincinnati. We are always on the lookout for talented singers looking for an opportunity to hone their stage skills while making a difference in their community. Interested in joining the ROKCincy team? Contact Kelly at

Want to know more about ROKCincy?


ROKCincy is a non-profit serving the Greater Cincinnati area. Our mission is to bring free, kid-friendly opera performances to schools and community centers that might not have easy access to the arts.

ROKCincy typically tours October through May with performances offered on Tuesdays at 10AM, Fridays at 1PM, and Saturdays at 2PM.

Performances are about 40 minutes in length with a Q&A afterwards. Study guides are sent to schools prior to performances. We bring our own sets, costumes, and keyboard Рall we need is an audience!

If you are interested in more information, contact Kelly at If you’d like to schedule a performance, email

ROKCincy’s Place in our Community

With arts programming rapidly disappearing from our schools and communities, ROKCincy plays a pivotal role in bringing together young people and families to enjoy the excitement of live performance.

It’s been proven over and over that a well-rounded education which includes the Arts improves focus, communication, and test scores. Early exposure to performance inspires curiosity and broadens the scope of a young person’s world.

Opera is a fantastic introduction to the Arts because it incorporates so many different dynamic art forms; from music, literature and drama to scenery and costumes – there is truly something for everyone!