Notable Notes and Quotable Quotes

The reviews are in! Here’s a few things people are saying about ROKCincy:

I would to thank your company that was at the Sharonville Library today. I took my son and daughter to see the show today. They chose my daughter to take part as the lawyer at the end of the show. She is the youngest of three and at times feels overshadowed by her 14 year old sister. She was so excited by what happened and it meant a lot to me. They enjoyed the Barber of Seville very much and I am glad there are opportunities like this are available in Cincinnati.” – Bill Simon

“They told me that they learned to be brave and sing in front of people. They also learned that boys can be singers, too.”

“ROKCincy brought an experience that many of our… students are not able to gain on their own. The artists were incredibly talented and provided an extremely professional and engaging production!”

“They loved that one of the teachers was in it…”

“The students learned how stories can be transformed and connected…”

“[The curriculum guide] allowed them opportunities to prepare the students for the presentation by providing the necessary background information…”

“They were able to retell their favorite parts in detail, so I know they were engaged.”

“…students seemed HIGHLY ENGAGED…”

“It was also nice for them to see that an opera does tell a story even if there is a lot of singing.”

“The students learned that not only were there literary elements… but technical and performance elements in the performance.”

“Teachers could use the packet to do activities with students before the play and after the play as reflection.”

“The students learned about the elements of live theatre. They were able to see costume changes, set changes, acting, singing, and more.”

Thank you for the great feedback!

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