Priscilla Oehlschlaeger — Costume Designer

Costume Designer

Priscilla is currently teaching at the Playhouse in the Park for the 2013 Summer Camp. Her class “Make Costumes” developed after her first book, “Make Costumes; For Creative Play” was published in 1992. The book is based on recycling items into costumes. Published by North Light Books, owned by F&W Publications, Cincinnati, Ohio. It all started with “the kitchen junk drawer”.

The popular class, “Junk Art” was created for the Super Saturday Program. Presented by the Parent Association for Gifted Education, Inc. (PAGE) for the Gifted Child. A second class was created for storytelling and costume design. This class, “Theatre Magic” inspired the children to create shows with characters and action that would highlight individual talents. A new class that started in 2013 for the Super Saturday Program is called, “I.S. Design Works: Individual Style”. A Design Journal is given out and the children work on creating sketches and collecting design ideas. During the six week class schedule different design skills are introduced. Serious work came out of this group.

A wonderful opportunity came in the fall of 2012. The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center included Priscilla in the t-shirt design class and drama workshops. This included teaching for the In-School presentations in the Northern Kentucky area. Hired by an amazingly creative woman, Alissa Paasch, the experience introduced “ROKCINCY” to the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Kelly Holterhoff, Director of ROKCINCY worked at the Carnegie as a visiting instructor. Kelly and Priscilla met and instantly the idea of Priscilla helping with costumes came about.

Other costume work by Priscilla, includes; The Opera Theatre of Lucca, Italy 1996 with the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Costume Instructor for The School of Creative & Performing Arts, Proctor & Gamble trade shows, The Verdin Bell Company and many theater groups and talented individuals. The Costume Caboodle Bag for children was a design that became popular while having a Studio in the Pendleton Arts Center.

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